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Root Noob question - Is CWM now my ROM?


Jul 12, 2012
Sorry about the odd title - I realise that the terminology is incorrect now ...

I installed CWM recovery before I realised this it would prevent OTA updates on my N7.

So I have followed instructions to install Stock recovery 4.1.1 and this went smoothly.

However, now I have reentered ROM manager and it still says I have CWM recovery, and that my ROM is not set to receive OTA updates.

How do I get back to being able to receive these updates, or it ROM manager not being truthful?

More information ... If I try to reboot into CWM recovery through ROM manager, I just get the android with his belly door open and a red triangle with an exclamation mark. I can get the tablet to reboot by holding down the power button.

I guess this means I dont have CWM flashed at all anymore. I wonder why ROM manager is saying that I do?
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ok - when I do that, I get to the bootloader screen, I use the up and down buttons to navigate to recovery mode, hit enter (power button). The screen goes to black with white 'google' (and the unlocked symbol underneath), but does nothing else, other than getting a bit hot.

Any ideas?
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Try installing the Quick Boot app and then going to recovery. Although, if you are not rooted it won't work.

Also, unless you have a mac, in the future I would recommend using the Nexus Root Kit and following the link for the guide at the bottom of the OP.

Also also, If you are using CWM, you can still get updates, just not OTA. Very soon after an update, someone will come out with a zip that you can flash in CWM or TWRP recovery. You just need to use OTA Rootkeeper as described in the Root Kit guide.

Also also also, check out GooManager. If you ever want a custom recovery again, use GooManager to install TWRP. It is great!
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