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NOOB Question

Hey guys... I just inherited a Mach Speed Trio (cheapie) 4.3 tablet. Its a pretty cool little tablet, but kinda slow (1.2 Mhz/512 MB with Android 4.04). My question is whether or not downgrading it to an earlier version of the OS will yield better performance. The only thing that I would probably use it for would be as a music player or for occasionally browsing the web.
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My clients (aww hell, my friends) are bugging me about Cyanogenmod, but I have no clue how I'd even get started with that. I'll dig around more on that topic, but if anyone here could point me in a good direction I'm open to suggestions. I promise, I'll give credit when I make it big on the scene as the coolest, most charming android developer ever in all of history, and I'm on tv and in magazines, doing late night with Conan and Leno, dating movie stars, paying rent, buying things....

Sorry, got carried away by my daydreams.
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