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Accessories Not A Fan of the Otterbox...


Feb 2, 2011
I've only had my Otterbox Commuter case for my Droid X for two days and its driving me insane. What I mean by that is the fact that it is a dust magnet. It seems like i can clean it, leave it in my pocket for 10 minutes and it comes out looking like its been under a couch for 10 weeks. I had an Otterbox for my last phone and loved it, but for some reason this one drives me crazy. Im considering returning it and going for a simple hardcase. Anyone else have problems with this case or a possible solution to the dust problem?
I have a Commuter case. When I first read the original post I thought, "Not sure what he's talking about....mine's not a dust magnet." I then looked at it closer and saw the dust. Never noticed before....let's hope I don't obsess over it now. Thanks for pointing it out for me! ;)
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