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Help not seeing 'my' music as an option in settings


Jul 9, 2009
can someone please help me.

first, i have a rooted evo 4g, and even when the phone was rooted this problem did NOT occur. when i go into my settings and go to phone ringtone, it just shows the system ringtones. there was a time that i was able to see the system ringtones, 'my' music, current and default ringtones, now just the systems (each tone). the only time i can see all of my options is when i go to hancent for notifications. when i go into my music under songs and long press a song, i only get 3 options; play, delete, and add to playlist, where i use to be able to set as ringtone. however, when i have a current song playing, when i press menu, only then will i see an option to set as ringtone.....ughhhh i just want to see it in my settings again like i use to. please help :thinking:


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