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Help Notification bar battery %?

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May 28, 2010
Just wiped my Dinc to start fresh. No problem, just wanted to clean everything out. Well I forgot one thing. I used to have the battery percent (in 1% inc) show inside the battery icon in the upper right. I completely forget who made it and don't know what the hell I saved it as on my computer. I spent a couple hours searching through old posts but could not find it. Does anyone remember what this was and where I might find it?
You can also use this site to make your own and add custom icons to the notification bar as well UOT Kitchen

I used this site when I had my Eris and it worked perfectly. I haven't used it on my Inc yet because I haven't had the need to root :)

Wow cool! Thanks.

What does this mean?
"Upload your framework-res.apk file extracted from your rom's zip file,
or choose from our list"

I'm not running any special rom. Just rooted Sense 2.2. Where would I find my zip file?
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Is there a battery percentage app for an unrooted Dinc?

Try Battery Left on the market. That'll collect data about your battery usage and estimate your battery usage - if you use the data straight form the system, it will stay relatively constant while the phone is idle and then dive dow na few points at a time when you start using the phone - BL tries to keep this from happening.

I've been having really awful battery life lately though I don't know whats going on. I used to get 19 or 20 hours but now its down to like 14 i dn't know what the deal is.
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