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OpenTable on the htc sprint hero

i travel monday through thursday and this application opentable for reservations is awesome for me, and once again i cannot find it in the app store... it was there about 3 months ago now its gone.. can anyone help me figure out how to get it on my POS hero?:thinking:


I use it, and just installed it again a few days ago. It's there now.

I think you can also get it by going to this website (from your phone):

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I just tried it both ways and it trys to instal from the website linka and then stops and says link not found. it doesnt appear to be out on the application market... is there anywhere else to get a copy?

The description on the market says that it's recommended for 1.6 phones. Are you still running 1.5? Maybe that's the reason you can't see it anymore.

If that's the case, you may need to track down an older version of it.

Or upgrade to 2.1.
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