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Override GMail "No Text" alert?

I often send emails to people with no text in the body. I do this at work, my manager does this - it is not always necesary for text to be in the body of an email.

Again, last night, I sent an email to my wife just so she can record a check I wrote. The subject of the email was, "check 42, $42.00" There's no need for the body to have anything more.

I also do this for myself to get emails into my Exchange inbox at work. I send a reminder email - "write android app to send reminders" - for example.

Gmail doesn't like this and always wants to alert me that I have no text in the body, as if I don't know. Any idea how to remove this alert?

I posted this over at the TMO website but just realized I'd probably get a better answer here...



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