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Apr 24, 2012
Hi, Im new.

I have quite a bit of android knowledge. I am waiting for my pad, hopefully it will take the 5-7 days, should make it by thursday:shot:

Anyway, I am happy with the specs, but with a slight confusion...
2011 says 2gb storage... is there more for 2012? Dodo website, and pendo website says different.

Also, how does the android market app work? will it have newer apps? I know google play only works on 2.2 higher?

I am expecting a challenge with touch screen aswell. I have an iphone. My sister has a phone that has resistive touch and i betting same responses from it.

I am looking forward to having android pattern unlock, as i jailbroke my iphone and had a version on it... very fun. There is that feature on the pendo pad? needs protection.

also hoping for a good charger. my dad has a pendo netbook, and the charger pops, and sounds terrible. lucky i had a hp charger that fits and works.

Anyway,thank you in advance, and once i get it, i will also provide some help if needed :)
ive just receive one a few weeks ago..its 4gb storage (bit over 2gb usable)..its still android 2.1..and still has all the exact same apps.. i have noticed that it allows you to install alot more apps..but appart from the extra storage its identical....
oh..the color of the led is different!...red when charging instead of blue!

ive dumped the ROM from both versions...this new version has a bigger system.img.. at around 100mb, it includes more support for usb devices and has a few extra fonts.. the old pad system.img is only 65mb..

overall i think this version is much better...but the market wont update...and some apps that where showing on the old pad are now incompatable with this new pad (occording to the market both on the tablet and on the web)..but if you happen to have the app..you can install and run it just fine...just cant buy new stuff you know will work fine :/

i havent seen any information at all about a 4gb pendo model either on dodo site or the pendo site :(
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