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Help People hear me, people dont hear me...


Jan 5, 2010
This is getting extremely frustrating. People most of the time can not hear me, yet i can hear them perfectly.

I had recently rooted and flashed CM6 on my hero, and i had not been experiencing any problems. I flashed a new radio, uncapped kernel, a nightly build, no problems. Then one day people are not able to hear me during some of my phone calls. I would be on the phone with one person, perfectly fine, and then hang up, 20 minutes later get a call from someone, they cant. I would re-flash the custom rom, re-flash the same then different radios, but it seems to have been progressively getting worse. Last night i ran an RUU update, completely wiped everything. Rooted, installed CM6 and nothing else, tried making a call to no success.

My next step i guess is to run an RUU update wiping everything completely and try without a custom rom, but i dont think its the custom roms fault.

Any suggestions?


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