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Help Permanently hide update OS notifications

I have a Google Pixel 3XL running Android 10 that is rooted and it runs fine. However, about once every other week, I see a notification that reads "Install update to keep device secure. Your system is xxx days out of date..."

What is annoying about this notification is that it cannot simply be cleared - one has to touch the 'learn more' button, then kill that process.

What I would like to do is permanently hide this notification. Is this possible? If so, what should be done?

Thanks for your replies.
No, I am not on a custom ROM.
I turned off "automatic system updates" in developer options, but am still getting the message. The attached screenshot show the message - I would like to never see this again!


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puppykickr - did are you suggested, but am still getting the popup notification...

Yeah, I have a newish poop device that is doing the same thing.

I have not found a way around it yet.

The damn thing forced an update during a restart around Father's Day, and all that was updated were a bunch of Google crAPPS that I do not even use, along with about 20 apps that I do not want updated at all.

Security update my @$$.

I also got a bunch of spam in my e-mail inbox as well.

Total poop.

I had to uninstall all the updates to the Google apps and find the versions that I prefer of the others.

I was severely POed about it.

I went through my apps, and discovered that some of the system apps that I could not disable were able to be disabled if I went to Advanced, Battery, and then Disable was able to be used.

This at least allowed me to prevent the forced update from occurring, although I have not yet been able to prevent the pop up notification.

Tonight I will install an app that identifies what apps are producing toast notifications.

Toast Source.


I have used it before with great results, although for different reasons.

Hopefully I can identify the turd and eliminate it or at least the screen feces it produces.
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