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Help phone will only charge at 500mA


Jul 6, 2013
2 days ago I lost my phone adapter to my Samsung galaxy nexus, the one provided with the Samsung galaxy nexus when you buy it, since then I have been trying to find a wall adapter that will charge my phone at 1amp (highest attainable), all the ones that I have used are charging at 500mA (I know this because when it is connected the phone is recognizing it as a usb connection, rather than ac). I have tried three different adapters now which all claim to allow up to 2.1 amps, does anyone know why my phone may not be recognizing it as outlet connection?
Don't use a idevice charger.

I would recommend against getting a specific charging cable. It just causes confusion and really doesn't provide much benefit. It's best to get a wall charger that is properly designed.

"most" wall chargers that aren't 3 dollar models from asia will charge at one amp.

The easiest thing is just look on amazon and read the reviews.

Like Early said the USB spec calls for the middle 2 pins to be shorted (actually the spec looks for a resistance below a certain value).

I've actually modified car chargers, I wouldn't recommend it with a wall charger the though the transformer in the charger might not handle the extra load.
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That's what I find to be so confusing about this, right now I am using an RCA brand usb wall plate charger that I bought from best buy (certainly should be of good quality, and even advertises that it is android compatible). It has two usb outlets which have a combined output of 2.1 amps or 1amp per outlet, however I can only get 500mA from either port.
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