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Played with the X this afternoon...

Anyone wanna buy my Evo?

Just kidding.....but geez the X sure is one smooth piece of hardware. First impression is it feels great in the hand, the top hump actually seems to serve as a perfect guide for holding it. My index finger stayed just below it the whole time and it didn't have the top heavy weight I was worried about. The Blur implementation it's using is really not that bad and basically is just some widgets and a launcher packaged together. Web page load times were considerably faster then my Evo (using each phones respective carrier on 3G) and scrolling seemed a little bit smoother then the Evo.

Unfortunately my attempt at finding the bootloader/recovery key sequence for booting was unsuccessful so I can't provide any info on if the BL is locked down. I'm still hoping it isn't.

Camera shots were pretty similar, but I was viewing both of the results on the phones displays so I don't know what the difference will be when you open them up on a PC/big screen. 720P video on the X smoked the Evo's plain as day when watching on the phone and I'm sure it would look that much better on a TV.

I'm planning on getting some more in depth time with it this weekend, hopefully I can mess with it in ADB or at least figure out how to boot into recovery.
I honestly didn't pay a ton of attention to the overall build quality, and my Evo hasn't had any of the issues others have. The X did feel a bit more rugged then Evo but not in a giant brick sort of way. Personally I think it is the perfect combination of fit and finish.

Physical buttons FTW.....forever. Personal preference for some I suppose but I will always choose them over touch sensitive. They were soft and sexy, not rough and clicky.
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Is the screen wider then the iPhone? I'm also curious about the hardware buttons opposed to the touch buttons.

I didn't have a iPhone to compare it with but going by memory I say yes it is a good bit wider. It was basically identical to the Evo if only a teeny weeny bit narrower and taller. I'll try to check this out with more detailed results next time.
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Hate the touch sensitive buttons on my INC. Too easy to brush them accidentally. I'm always hitting them while gaming and it's annoying! Looking forward to real buttons.

Yeah I find that with my Droid either I hit them by accident or hit the wrong one when trying to one. The VZW hard case doesn't make it easier either putting that ridge right above them. Looking forward to the hardware keys of the DX.
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I havent tried the X yet. But I figured the hump wouldnt be too much of a problem.

I have a 2800 Seidio battery on my Droid. It makes the Droid heavier....but it serves as support for the fingers when gaming in landscape mode. And it helps hold the phone steady when gaming in landscape mode.

I know its not the same thing as the X's hump. But still its good to hear it serves like support for the fingers.
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