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Playing channels from tvcatchup.com on htc desire


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May 27, 2010
Hi, i have a htc desire, my mate who has a iphone browses to the site tvcatchup and can stream live tv channels on his phone, i can access this site no problem from my desire but when i choose a channel it says the phone hasnt got any software compatible to play the files, i noticed in my download section this site is trying to download .m3u8 files, is there any free software players for my phone i can download so i can use this site?

thank you

try searching the site, this has been covered recently.

Its not possible to use tvcatchup on android yet.
when android 2.2 comes out on the desire we may be able to view the full site.
yamgo.mobi is a good alternative that does work, but some people like myself have problems getting it work when not connected by wifi.


hope that helps.
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