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Root Please help before I brick my ally...


May 16, 2011
Alright, details on how it happened aren't horribly important. Tried to flash velocity 1.1 and my phone was cut off halfway. I no longer have clockworkmod to restore from my backups. Instead I have nand. lucky me i don't have any backups that are compatible. So what I'm hoping for is that someone has a stock restore for the lg ally in nand.

So to sum it up I have access to recovery only and no backups to restore. So if someone can point me to a bone stock backup for the lg ally i would love you forever. Actually ANY restore at this point. If i can get into my phone I can fix this. Sorry to ramble but I am frustrated beyond all reason at this point. :(
I've done everything to try and brick this phone and no good I've clicked on every single option and it eventually crashed to the fastboot. I've formatted every single partition. Not that I would recommend it. If you still have recovery you can keep a copy of velocity zip on the root of the sdcard and flash. The only time I've eever seen a brick phone was when my buddy dropped it in a toilet. Even without a recovery you could still use fast boot and use allyrr or lgmobile tools to downgrade to earlier v6 stock and start over after you've restored recovery
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