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Help Please help me understand what's going on in this Preloadinstaller.txt log file?


Feb 2, 2022
I found this file among a load of other logs which seem to indicate something, I can't tell if it's off or not but given that I can see an entry for the notification history it feels like this may be something the user has initiated manually, what does all of this mean?

Media fire link below, if interested can provide other logs from this event as I really would like some help to know what's going on.

Thank you!!!


  • PreloadInstaller.txt
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Yeah it's a log file of your system hard at work. Nothing wrong here.

I don't know code enough to explain everything on it. But nothing seems nefarious.
Is there anything that the user needs to do in order to get this file to generate though? Admittedly I don't understand it but if my notifications were on before why would this entry exist?
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What does com.sec.Android.preloadinstaller mean?

The “preloadInstaller” part verifies that the Samsung additions on top of the base Android system, like the User Interface, for example, are actually installed on the device.

It runs each time you reboot, in case some files have been damaged, to ensure that the basic files needed to run the Android phone are actually there, and if they aren’t, to reinstall them.

Please talk to someone.
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