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Help Please help me x10 nordic firmware

Where do you get stuck?

Okay guys.
Here is new X10flash for Firmware 2.1 Version (old 1.6 Firmware can not be flashed with this at the moment).

Windows 7/Vista Users should diasable UAC!!

Download Flasher: (Update 2.11.2010)
Thanks to jerpelea and the_laser(for giving the hint what is wrong)

You will see that there is a new Folder "firmware" the firmware files must be inside this folder!

Download Firmware:
Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
Thanks to imugur and Reb0rn

Put the extracted files into the new "firmware" Folder and run the X10flash.bat

You have to wipe your USERDATA !! This is important, otherwise you will enter Bootloops etc.
Also be sure SEUS is NOT running! (But at least it should have detected your phone once)

But the flashtool should be capable of flashing all Xperia Series now!
If someone decrypts the Rom you can try it :)


IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS LIKE "Unable to Open Channel" please try this guide:
thanks aussiesausage
xda-developers - View Single Post - X10Flash 2.1 final & 2.1 Firmware (Updated Flasher 2.11.2010)
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I am running windows xp - does this matter
It shouldn't do no. From the "if you have problems" link...

Make sure you have your 2.1 firmware inside the "firmware" folder.

1: press start and search "regedit"
2: click edit>find, and type in "Vid_0fce&Pid_adde". You should find "DeviceInstance". Copy the last section of that, it should look something like "5&2888d0ff&0&1"

2.1: If that fails to see anything, make sure "Match whole string" is un-ticked, and click "find next", if that fails, try "USB\VID_0FCE&PID_ADDE"

Note: It changes with every diffrent USB port you use

3: Put that number into DeviceID.txt

4: Open up x10flash.bat, and answer the question (s)

5: switch off your phone, hold DOWN the Back key on your phone and plug your USB cable into the top of your phone, and press enter.

If done corrently it should start going through all these commands.

As stated above, it MIGHT take awhile to boot your phone at first, its not instant. Just give it time.
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hi thanks for ya help ive gotten a little bit further. phone flashed no problem. once completed turned phone back on but all i had was a camera picture with an arrow underneath it- waited for about 10 mins nothing happened. turned phone off

That's actually suppose to happen. If you had left it alone, it would have eventually booted up.
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