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Help please help me


Aug 16, 2012
I'm experiencing an annoying problem and i'm here askying for you help. The problem is that: it happens sometimes that i install application from the google play store and after a while or some hours or a day those application uninstall by themselves. This is how it happens:i made the installation and everything goes fine but after they uninstall themselves and in the status bar the following message is displayed "the app xxx has benn removed by the phone"or something similar. The apps are not installed into the sd card and i've never been moved those app to the media folder.someone has experienced the same problem? Anyone found a solution? It's very annoying and frustrating. I'll wait for your help. Thank you
Hi lolox82, and welcome to AF :)

Which apps does this happen with, and are they still in the Play Store?

If you can tell us more about your device (what model, whether you've made any modifications, whether there have been any other oddities) that may help someone spot the cause.

I believe Google have the ability to remotely uninstall an app, e.g. if it were found to be malicious, but have never seen it happen (an app that is withdrawn from the Play Store usually remains installed). So you would have to be making some very unlucky choices for this to happen more than once!

Just to check: do you get that notification spontaneously, or when you try to open the app? If it's when you try to open the app then that would imply that the files have been removed or corrupted but the app not properly uninstalled (because the launcher icon had not been removed). If the message just appears when you've not been using the app that sounds like an actual uninstall, which would imply either something remote doing it or some app on your device. Antivirus tools can certainly stop other apps running, but I don't know whether any can uninstall other apps without user intervention - if you have some security app installed it might be worth checking its settings.
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The device is a galaxy note 2 brand vodafone (i'm from italy).i don't have modify the device. The issue happens sometimes while i'm using the apps and sometimes if i don't. I don't think is about security sistem app because it happens even if i don't have one installed. Some of the apps are bender, instammessage, kik messenger and more. Each time it happens all disappear about the apps, the app itself such as the icon. I'm sorry for my english. I hope to be clear.
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