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Root PRL updating and why no notice?


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Dec 27, 2011
Ive seen some threads about manualy changing your PRL.

Figured I would throw this out there for every one. You can still update your PRL as normal if you are rooted. It doesn't need to go into recovery (no reboot). I check mine every once in awhile and have updated twice since rooted.

That also makes me ask, why there is no notification for this update? Or am I just not getting them?
I don't think there is any notification given if the PRL updates. I had my phone stock no root for several months before rooting it at the end of July, and never once received a notification for the PRL. On the other hand, there has been a time or two where I woke up to the sound of my phone rebooting itself in the middle of the night, and noticed the PRL number was different from what I remember the next time I checked.
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Those that are updating their PRL manually are using Sprint Corporate PRLs and yes they do benefit the use and service of your phone a lot better than the standard Boost PRLs, I know this from when I've done it many times over with the Samsung Prevail phone I had before, if you need info on how to do it head over to the Prevail forums and check it out... ;)

? my service was out in morning and called boost and they sent me through a process that was explained to me was equivalent to activating phone like its first time keep in mind when he asked if i was calling from phone lol jackass. So anyways would your suggesting help me?
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Sorry I should have worded that different.

I didn't want fellow noobs to see those threads and thinking they had to update that manually like everything else when rooted.

I haven't played around with it because I get as fast as your going to get from 3g almost everywhere I go. That and my town is lit up with open wifi.
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Lol, I am on the road all day, i fix heat and a/c, and my 3g sucks around albany so when I am on lunch I lurk around side streets looking for open wifi. Luckily for me most people are unsecure.

My thread I can side track it.

If every one would leave their wifi on we would all benefit greatly. Its just a hard sell in our culture. People are not very open to others using something they pay for. Yeah there would be leaches but there is in every part of life. Best way to deal with them is shame from the herd.
We could start taking advantage of things like on the fly connection switching. In urban areas where most of us live you could use your wifi walking down the street or even riding the bus.

Some where I have a link to where a guy is working on an app to do this. The connection doesn't switch as soon as a new connection is found it waits for a point were the current connection drops bellow a trigger or the new connection is stronger than the current before it starts diverting your traffic. Its also caching a separate buffer of network data necessary to speed up logins.

Also I don't feel bad cruising open wifi. The providers all warn you when you have internet turned on about the "security" risk of open wifi. Its common knowledge that its open and any one can lock on.

My family is one big traveling hotspot. I leave mine open and the rest of my family hate dealing with the password so are open out of laziness.

My wife laughs about how she always forgets to turn foxfi off and she will be on the interstate going to work and her phone will foxfi chirp when ever shes near a semi.
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Well, unfortunately without special precautions leaving wifi open to others can allow them access to files you don't want them to have. There are open wifi programs where you can sign up and your wifi is somehow only open to others in the program.. its free and kind of like a sharing wifi alliance.. I think it somehow closes off your personal traffic from the traffic alotted to the alliance public. I haven't looked into it in years though so I may be off.
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Easily addressed issues that the fixes already exist for. I don't think we are to far from ISP VPNs to combat data theft. That one step would nix most of the danger posed by open connection and you can already protect your devices this way with free and paid services.
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