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Help Probably a basic question: how to copy/paste URL


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Sep 29, 2012
Happy holidays, everyone. I did a search and came up dry. On this phone, is it possible to copy a URL from a browser and paste it into an email or forum? On a PC this is a snap but I am stumped how to do this on the S3 (if it's possible). Couldn't find anything in the browser menu options (stock browser or Maxthon).

Thanks for anywhere you can point me...
Some keyboards have shortcuts just like on a PC keyboard like ctrl A for select all, ctrl v for paste etc.....

Only keyboard I've used that's had this was swype and I loved it. Made it so much faster to copy, cut and paste. Instead of ctrl, you use the "swype" key on the bottom left. Hopefully more keyboards will start to implement something like this as it makes it much quicker and easier.

But yeah like the others said, long press what you want to cut or copy. Chrome will automatically select all for you and the options will automatically pop up as well. If not, once the text is highlighted you can generally press the highlighted text and it will give you options. Of course all this CAN vary from browser to browser so you'll have to see how it's laid out on yours.

Merry Christmas :D
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