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Help Problem after hard reset

Ok so after doing a hard reset tonight, I now seem to not have my phone number linked to my phone. I tried updating the profile but it says it can not connect.

Suggestions? Help!?!?!?! I really gotta get this fixed quick. It's the only phone I have.

I've done a hard reset before and never had any issue like that. After the reset, it should be like you just got your phone (when I got mine, the number was already handled by sprint, and I just needed to add in my email ect.)

I'd probably call them up and give them the (?? whatever it's called, something with a "M" i think) from the inside of the phone. MSL or something like that.

They'll ask for it when you call sprint.
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Yup, I've actually done it before and didn't have this happen. Ironically, I tried about 5 times and this morning I looked at sprint zone to see when the store opens and it said I could activate my acct from there and that worked. Go figure. That worked, but the auto activate and profile update didn't. Anyway we are good now. Dont know what happened, but thanks.
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