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Help Problems with my Triumphs


Mar 6, 2013
So I have two Motorola Triumphs right now. The first one I had for a while until I had to factory reset it because it kept reseting then it wouldn't work on virgin mobile's network, so I tried putting CWM on it and putting a new rom on it. Unfortunately that didn't work and I think I bricked my phone. Everytime I put it in download mode, my computer only shows the image drive for 2 seconds then it disappears. After this happened I bought a second one only to have it get wet. I had no common sense to take the battery out and probably fried the internals. Now all that phone does is sit at the motorola screen and occasionally turn on to a frozen lock screen. If anybody could help me revive either phone, it would be very appreciated.
Ya the first phone won't boot to recovery because the recovery file is messed up. I have no way of fixing it because every time I connect it to my computer, the image drive disappears in a few seconds.

I tried the rice trick but it was too late on the second phone. I left the battery in too long thinking that it really hadn't got wet. Unfortunately I was wrong.
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