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Root proper mess!


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Jan 19, 2011
ok, so ive managed to make a bit of a mess of my htc desire

i booted into recovery-- and did a back up

then and wiped the delvik cache and also i partioned the sd card

now when i turn the phone on all the apps have reverted to the generic android symbol-- and i cant seem to do a 'restore'

so i know getting them back from this stage is probaby a lost cause- as there are no back ups present in my titanium back up etc.

so i thought i could just remove all these and reinstall all the apps- but they are still on the phone

how do i get to them to delete them?-- or better still how do i get them to work again?!

thanks in advance
How did you partition your SD card?

Did you have apps stored on ext3/4 partition before this?

I'm guessing you wiped the data on it when doing this.. therefore the phone thinks it has the apps installed but doesn't have the files.

The only way I can see is to flash the phone and start from fresh.
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Hey erry,
I would highly recommend to Partition your sd card with GPartED as it aligns
shauny13 said:
gparted is recommended to partition as it aligns the partitions better, ie gives your sd card better read/write speeds
(Thanks shauny for info ^^)
You can find more info here.
How big is your sd card?
Also try looking in file manager -> TitaniumBackups (or something like that) -> See if Titanium backed up your stuff.
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I could suggest you connect your phone to your pc and looks what's in it. Make sure that hidden files and folders is on. Browse through the folders that correspond to an app (e.g. .<appname> or just the name). See if the app files are in there.
Make sure you backup your sd card. (You should have before flashing Cyanogen, or any rom).

i backed it up just before embarking on this little excercise- but it doesn't seem to have worked!

i think its a restore factory settings and re-flash rom job, isn't it?!
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No problem, Glad I helped :)

A better ROM than Cyanogen...well It depends what sort of ROM you would like. (That's the cool thing about roms haha)
I could point you towards this XDA forum.
Also if you want to change, just:
1) NAND backup
2) Titanium Backup any apps you want
i) Menu -> Batch
ii) Backup (RUN) all user apps / + system data
iii) Deselect All -> Go through apps and tick the ones you want to keep.
iiii) Always tick the ones that are highlighted in green. (Recommended)
3) Factory Reset/Wipe (in recovery)
4) Flash!

Also to save more space, I suggest you flash DarkTremor's AP2SD+ (It's not a ROM).
In basic terms, it will use a script to move all of the apps data (any app you choose) to a partition (separate storage) on your sd card. It tricks the phone.
So you would have any left over bits on your phone internal memory.

This post will be useful
Hmm - depends on what you want! Want one similar to Stock? I recommend Teppic74's Gingerbread ROM as this will give you a few Root perks (including apps2SD+ - which you will need to partition your SD card to benefit from) as well as feeling famili.ar (more or less identical to official Gingerbread update).
If you want to venture out into the world of AOSP ROM's, I'd point towards Cyanogen (preferably a Stable build) as it's a good starting point to get the feel of these Roms. However, the best thing you can do is experiment and try them all out for yourself. Have a good look on the XDA index and read through all of the threads and look at the screenies etc. All good fun! And there are so many to try!

If you like slick and stable ROMS, try Redux (I prefer 1.2 but 2.1 is the newer build - to each their own!) And if you enjoy the feel, I really rate the dGB rom (made by SUroot who I believe is still knocking about this forum!) but you need a bit of extra work, such as being S-Off and changing to a smaller hboot and that may be trying to run before you can walk!

Have fun exploring! Developers are still playing with the Desire and new ROMS are still cropping up and existing ones are still being tweaked and shout out if you need!
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Did you back up your sd card before partitioning? As Tyseyh said the partitioning will have wiped the card. Your phone still has elements of the app stored in internal memory but can't find the parts on the sd because they're gone along with your files, Nandroid & Titanium backups.

If you backed up your sd you can copy & paste back into the Fat32 partition by connecting in usb mode. If not you'll have to put it down to experience & do a factory reset then start again.
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