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Question about quality

Better ask again in 2-3 years. :D

Seriously, device build quality seems okay. Android itself looks to be a long-term OS, so I reckon it's as good a long-term choice as anything else out there.

I know no one cant answer 100% on question, but personal opinion.
Hero and Android is best combination for me right now.

Well, I guess if I would have any problems with phone I can always sell it cause I will get good price for it next year or two.

Other opinions on quality and duration are welcome
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I've had a white Hero for 5 months & been happy with it. Has been dropped once 4 foot onto its back in an underground car park & only had couple of very minor scratches to the teflon back. Quality of the build then is very good I have found :D

Android itself is still very much WIP but seems to be going places & has a lot of potential.
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