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Root Questions about ROMs and AT&T Insurance


May 13, 2011
I was just wondering, if I root my phone, can I have multiple ROMs at once? So I could like dual boot like on a computer? Or I can only have one at a time? And also, if I root my phone, will AT&T's mobile insurance that I pay $5 a month for be voided? Thanks in advance! :)
Basically everytime you flash a ROM you're starting on it from scratch until your contacts and stuff back up. As for the insurance well AT&T may not cover rooted phones but you may want to check out getting a warranty through a company called Squaretrade. I know the CEO has said point blank that they cover jailbroken iPhones so they may likely also cover rooted Android phones as long as the damage is not caused by software. I mean if a rooted phone falls in water it should be covered the same as a non rooted phone right?
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A rooted phone voids the software warranty of the phone, not any hardware damages incurred. Like previously stated, if your phone is physically damaged you would still be covered by AT&T's warranty rooted or not. BUT in the unlikely event that you brick your phone or have any other issues related to software with a rooted phone, you NEED to unroot it or you're S.O.L.!
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