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Root quick question for a quick answer? about PRL udating


Android Expert
Jan 11, 2012
CaliFornia, Azusa
im trying to figure out which system app is used to udate the prl on our phones..
im runnning Fe16 deleted a bunch of system apps.
and i noticed that people are saying there was an update on the prl.
i havent been able to receive mms and i belive is caused by this.
anyone know what app is needed?
i am currently looking but i dont think i wanna try every single app.
thank you for the help guys.
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If you are trying to update your PRL to the newest from Boost then, goto Settings -> "About Phone" -> System Updates then click on "Update PRL"

There isnt an app, at least that I know of, that can change your PRL.

If you are trying to change to another PRL other than Boost's then look through this thread: http://androidforums.com/galaxy-prevail-all-things-root/559434-change-prl-w-o-cdma-workshop.html

The thing is, that option is gone. And yes. There is an app (system app that helps the phone change prls. Its not named prl updater.apk or anything that would stand out. But its there. I just know it.
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