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Help Recover Files from Bricked Phone?


Nov 14, 2010
Hi guys,

My Galaxy S3 is completely fried. Verizon is sending me a "new" one. Phone started acting up the past few days and would turn off on me, I would have to take out the battery and put it back in just to start it back up. Yesterday, phone froze and shut off while using it, took the battery out and put it back in... nothing. Couldn't even do a reset.

Is there ANY possible way to restore or save files that were saved on the phone's memory? Pictures and texts are my main thing. I have everything from the SD card of course, however a ton of stuff that I want to save was on the phone memory.

Any advice on how, if at all possible, to recover some of the files?

Thanks in advance for your help! :)
Well, they're always talking about internal SD" when you save things. I assumed that it was like my Dingoo, and that if you tore open the components with a screwdriver and pliers, you'd find an SD card unceremoniously glued to the chip board.

Might be a little bit more sophisticated on a smartphone, but I don't see why you can't trash the hardware to get to the memory, if that's your goal.

(Don't ask me how, though)
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Haha you guys are awesome :)

Definitely look on here all the time, but don't post very much! :p

I plugged the charger into the phone last night without the battery and the red LED turned on... that has GOT to be some kind of hope, right?? The whole phone cant be shot if the light works?? I'm hoping to try a different battery today, thinking maybe the battery is the only thing that is shot?

Thanks again for all the advice and help!! :)
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Hi guys
I mistakenly installed a. Apk file from the system folder in my Micromax A94.
It did not get installed
But after some time the phone restarted comes and gets paused to the boot video. I am nervous as I have my data in the internal memory I don't know what to do its not getting booted up.
The symptoms are of soft brick ed phone. I want my data what should I do now.
I had unrooted the phone
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