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Help Remove stuff below search bar

Thought I would toss this out. I don't have a Samsung. Can you press on each icon and drag it to the top of the screen to delete?
I tried long press on icons or panel area and unable to delete any icons or panel, no delete option.

I pressed [clear all] at the bottom most panel and the bottom most panel disappeared, then I tried searching in the search box and then the bottom most panel appeared again.
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Don't use One UI. use a 3rd party launcher instead. The one I use is the Nova Launcher. There's also Nova Prime which is a paid key that unlocks still much more features. Been using for years and years.
If I install Nova (free), what happens when I first install it? Will all the current home page and apps position be still the same? How much time needed to setup?

After installing Nova if I uninstall Nova, will I get back the same old homepage icon positions layout?

I do not want to waste time rearrange icons again. Spent a lot of time creating "drawers/categories" and dragging icons into the categories.
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I'd never seen that page before (I use browsers for searches, hate search toolbars), but if you tap the 3 dot icon and choose settings there are options to control what appears on that screen. Turn everything off and you get just the search bar, nothing else.

On the question of launchers, in case that's still of interest:

The launcher controls the layout of the home screen and app drawer, and nothing else. So just as 2 email apps don't know each others' settings, nor do 2 different launchers. This means that if you install Nova it won't know how you have your current desktop set up, but also that nothing you do in Nova will change the stock launcher's settings - you could have 2 completely different sets of home pages in the 2 launchers and swap between them by changing which launcher is the default.

However, because the launcher only controls home screens and app drawer it doesn't solve your problem: the notification slide is not determined by the launcher. But as noted above, there is another solution for that :).

(Edited a few times, most recently re-ordering to put the thing you wanted to know at the start, the rest later).
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That page (screenshot) can be accessed by [swipe down from top>swipe down from top>press search icon (magnifying glass icon)], I use it to search for items in the phone (e.g. access to apps and phone settings by searching the app name, phone settings name). I use browser if I want to search something in the internet.

"but if you tap the 3 dot icon and choose settings there are options to control what appears on that screen. Turn everything off and you get just the search bar, nothing else." > This worked. Thanks.

1. If I want Nova to show exact icons position same like my current samsung icons position, does it mean when I am using Nova I need to drag every icons to the position I want? Is there some sort of 1 click import position to be same as current samsung icons position?

2. If I installed Nova and the icons rearranged itself to random position, later when I uninstall Nova do I get back all my current samsung icons position?

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1. There can't be a one click import, because Android's security model means that without root privileges one app can't access another app's database.

In principle if the stock launcher could back up its settings to the shared storage Nova could read that. But (a) I don't think it does, and (b) since different launchers have different options and settings it's implausible that they'd save in the same format, so the Nova developer would have to work out how to interpret each other launcher's backups separately. All just for a starting point, since the reason to use a replacement launcher is to do things the stock one doesn't.

2. Yes. As said previously, nothing in Nova changes anything in the stock launcher.

I fact it's not likely Nova will put icons in random positions: if you are one of the people who fills their screens with icons it's more likely that most of them won't be on the Nova home screen at all (they'll be in the app drawer, of course) and you'll have to re-add them to Nova. By default it will probably only put a few on screens (I keep my screens mostly bare of icons, and would remember if I'd had to sit down and remove hundreds of the things!).
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