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Help Replacing Samsung Galaxy Note Screen

Hej what's up!
I bought my Samsung Galaxy Note White not long ago. But i drop some metal thing on it and screen went broken. It was working couple hours i could use it , it was hard to see because screen was broken but all things like touch , typing etc was working. So after about 10 hours after i broke it my screen went half black, then the next day it was all dark so i cant use it anymore cause i dont see nothing, but mobile works anyway , i can use voice control i can listen to music, like everything , just i cant see something. So replacing screen in store here in Sweden can be pretty expensive. So i was wondering to fix it by myself. I was plaining to buy fron glass for it and change it . Of course this should be very easy if i can see on screen even if is screen broken, but i cant see something so can i fix it anyway by myself and what to do ? Also can i use samsung galaxy note 2 screen on my note 1 ?

Sry for bad english !
Thanks in advance!
If the front glass is broken, you have to replace the screen and the glass (and maybe the digitizer). If you do it yourself and cause a problem inside the phone (almost EVERYONE who tries to do it himself and isn't experienced working on cellphones damages the phone when replacing the screen), it's going to cost you a lot more to get the phone fixed than you saved by not paying to get the screen fixed.

But it's your choice - you can try it if you like high-risk situations.

There's a saying in English - penny wise and pound foolish. It means you're saving pennies while wasting pounds (dollars, Kroner, whatever). Do you replace the pistons in your car engine yourself, or do you pay a mechanic to do it? (Working on the inside of a cellphone requires a bit more knowledge than working on a car.)
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