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request for running applications home key bind


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Jan 13, 2011
I was wondering if somebody could make a running apps panel by holding down the home button (like blackberry). Would you have to make a new launcher to do this because I see that in some launchers you can bind the home key. Somebody please let me know if you'd like to work on something like this or if there is already an app that I don't know about
what about the fact that the is no way to close them? And there is a maximum of 6 that can show up at a time.

They are not running. Their activity is available, that's all. Android is not BB, and Android is not WinMo. No need to "kill" applications, the OS handles that for you.

If the app provides a service, it's activity reference stays in memory, so other apps can make use of it's activity. Otherwise, when apps call the activity, you will have to wait longer for it to do it's job.
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PSkeptic points it out well.

Android however isnot only open source which often implies developers are to get involved to make things better yet also user participant. The on droid android development app makes this pretty clear.
The recent apps as opposed to running apps in the apps drawer however demonstrates some of the lapses that occur when blurring lines between developers and users as developers..
Cleaner would have been to show running and let apps discover behind the scenes whats in memory for their use.
If anyone doubts the blurring intentions have a look at droid 3.0 fragments and the 3.0 compatibility layer that works its way back to droid 1.6.
A clever use of this api feature might just open the door to users readily resolving blurred blurred lines issues.
In the meantime, dukha (thats SUFFER from desire) :).
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