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Root [Resource] Stock Supreme System, Boot, and Recovery


Android Expert
Sep 5, 2011
Reading, PA

How to pull out stock system or stock ROM?
Is ZTE Vital similar to Supreme? So I can use your Supreme system app to ZTE Vital.


Maybe, maybe not The Vital and the Supreme are the same phone but are from different carriers so mix matching might be dangerous.

with adb setup and usb debuging on in cmd enter these commands

adb shell
dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p18 of=/sdcard/system.img

exit cmd and get adb back up running

adb pull /sdcard/system.img

and you should have it if you know what to do with it of course. if it doesn't work then you have to be rooted
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A worm in unus saying that i should try flashing system.img to my vital :D should i try?

As my vital is flashed to other so it doesnt matter to me.

if your comfortable with it go ahead but make sure you do your own system.img backup and remember that this is not 100% safe so getting a brick is still a possibility.
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it says its for the ZTE Warp. i dont have the warp. i have the zte supreme.

The link i provided above is for the supreme. If you are referring to the file hosting site saying it's for the warp 4G, that's because they haven't added the supreme to their list of devices so I uploaded it to the warp 4g device. It is for the supreme, I promise ;)

edit: quantum is the supreme/vital internal device name
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