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Root Restoring nandroid backup?


Nov 18, 2011
~ the "burgh" ~
When i restored my nandroid backup i couldn't remember if you are supposed to wipe or format anything or not, as i couldn't look for an answer because my phone was down and i have no pc.

So what i did, i wiped cache partition and wiped dalvik cache, then restored nandroid and rebooted. That was yesterday, now today everything seems fine.

When i got home from work i started searching for answers.

What i found was, some people said just what i did, some people said you don't have to wipe anything. Then i found a post saying that you need to wipe data / factory reset, wipe cache partition, under advanced sub menu, wipe dalvik cache. Then under mounts and storage sub menu, format all partitions except / sd card.

I would like to do it the right way, but what is the right way?

Any thoughts or suggestions on this, i would greatly appreciate it!

Well i stayed up late last night trying to setup everything the way i wanted so i would have a good backup.

I was tired and had everything the way i wanted until i started foolin around in titanium backup ,and wouldn't you know it, i clicked on a system app by mistake, now i somehow deleted my dialer and contacts and can't make phone calls!

I hope i have a good backup to restore when i get home from work!

I should have went to bed earlier and left well enough alone!
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Update : if anyone cares, when i got home from work yesterday i fully charged my phone, wiped and formatted everything as if flashing a rom, except i used obijohn's update wiper.

Everything went smooth, thank God i had a good nandroid backup.

I'll tell you what ... using the wiper really seemed to do the trick ; my phone is running smoother and faster than ever, plus i have more internal space!

Just FYI... if any new members are reading this ( ALWAYS BACKUP BEFORE YOU FLASH) :D
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