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Root [ROM][BETA][4.1.2]"L" Warp port


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Jan 29, 2014
I take no responsibility for any harm to your device flash at your own risk!!!!

Hi i dont own this device but i have ported my "L" Awe rom to it... It will look nothing like my "L" Awe rom as have yet to resize images... I have confirmed that it boots and everything works except 4g for now (theres an app u can use for now to get it)


Great!! Everything boots and works . changed DPI to 300 and lost the themed pulldown notification bar. Not the setting or slider though and 3g icon is blue sometimes . other than that works great. The pulldown menu just looks stock but tibtef status bar and everything else works great.
Kool :) does 4g work?? What about boot anim?? Can u make and recieve calls?? Etc...
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OK sorry got it working. When switching back to 3g I hit the wrong thing . so just resizing really needs to be done. Everythings working great .love the 3minit mod.. Wonder when someone will notice a new Roms here lol. I changed DPI downloaded cmda gsm lte switch and everything's perfect now. *oh and the boot ani. Works also*
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I think it'll be a couple days before people check in and see there's a rom even being worked on for this phone. It pretty much died out ..a lot of people gave up.i would change the original post saying it boots up and you just got to work on resizing images and final bugs(small) So no ones afraid to try it.
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