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zte warp 4g

  1. R

    I have a problem with the power button

    On this ZTE Warp 4G if I am on a call and the phone is not on the charger ( the phone is set to stay awake all the time when on the charger or the USB cable to the laptop is plugged in). Anyways when I am sitting on hold on a call and the screen goes black (like its supposed to do when on the...
  2. 5fdprox

    Root Zte update fix for KitKat roms

    Hey all,been running lollipop on this guy ,keep running out of internal storage and every time I wanna run a KitKat ROM like DU or JollyRoger I get this zte system update message I can't seem to fix..every time I've tried to install it thru cwm I get an error message.. Can someone please...
  3. D

    I flashed my kernel on my Android Warp ZTE on KitKat 4.4 and now I cant boot into recovery

    So I have a Android Warp ZTE on kitkat 4.4 that I rooted with kingroot. I tried to overwrite the kernal with a rom manager by selecting the flash recovery option. I flashed it with a ROM that was not a recovery img so it just ended up overwriting it and now I cant boot into recovery and my phone...
  4. R

    I need help in stopping unwanted things in my contact list

    The contact list with the phone numbers that I call the most is getting cluttered up with unwanted emails from my Gmail email account. I manually clean out the contact list. Only to have it cluttered up with junk mail as well as important email. I just want to put that part of the connection...
  5. D

    Help me with my BRICKED WARP ZTE

    I have a ZTE Warp N9510 with philz on kitkat that is bricked. Heres what I did. I rooted it using kingRoot. Then I overwrote the recovery, I had issues booting into my phone, Id only get the green android screen and it would just go black but the screen light was still on. I put it in some mode...
  6. R

    Help a new problem with my ZTE warp 4G N9510

    I am having a problem with my ZTE phone. When the phone acts up. The background get very blurry, icons slow down in there response time or freezes altogether, things like my alarm clock are effected (in that the alarm is turned off or on) depending on the alarms state is when the phone is...
  7. R

    Help A SMS txt receive problem on a ZTE Warp 4G

    My ZTE Warp 4G phone is not receiving any SMS text from any source. I can send SMS's just fine. Voice calls still work and I can still get on the internet when I turn the wifi on to my home router (I can also get on the internet via my phone if I am near enough to a Boost Mobile tower. I 1st...
  8. D

    partition internal sd card

    I don't understand the architecture of the Android phone yet I'm about to do my research while I wait for someone answer this question. so I'm not really sure if this phone has two different storage cards because downloads and installations are stored differently. you have an option to store to...
  9. R

    2 questions about my ZTE phone

    1st off I am in a hole as far as Boost mobile goes. There is no nearby towers. I only have 1 sometimes 2 signal bars at home inside. Phone calls and txt messages come through fine. But if I want to do anything on the phone internet wise. Like d/l an app or something I have to turn on the wifi...
  10. R

    does anyone know about a HTC Desire 510 that I just got

    I got for free a Boost Mobile HTC Desire 510. The HTC powers up, the battery is 100% charged up and holds a charge. What I am looking for is info. Is the HTC a better phone then the ZTE Warp 4G N9510 that I am using now? 1 thing that I saw already is the HTC does not have a flash for the front...
  11. R

    Help a charging problem on a ZTE 4G

    This just started. I saw that nether the red or green led's (a duel led) was on, on my ZTE Warp 4G when I got up this morning. As you know the led goes red during charging and turns green when fully charged. There is also no indication in the status bar on the battery icon that the charger is...
  12. R

    Root Step by step rooting a ZTE Warp 4G for newbee's

    I posted the instructions as a file attachment to this post. If anyone feels that my instructions need more steps, any steps that are wrong or steps to be removed. Please contact me and I will take care of it. Steve
  13. R

    Root re: download error message

    This ZTE 4G Warp is trying to download a system up grade and I keep get the following error message "insufficient space to download 13.6 mb" ant the download just stops. The phone is still 100% working in all regards. See the screen capture at this Dropbox link...
  14. SuperR

    Root Warp 4G Stock B13 KitKat 4.4.2 Deodexed and Unmodified

    DISCLAIMER: By using this rom, you agree that you are the only one responsible for anything good or bad that may occur. Use at your own risk.;) For Boost Mobile ZTE Warp 4G N9510 only. Completely Unmodified Stock B13 KitKat 4.4.2. warplte_Stock_B13.zip Debloated and Deodexed Stock B13 KitKat...
  15. D

    Installing Apps onto SD Card

    Without an external memory card the phone has 2 partitions, one called phone memory and the other SD Card, which is still a part of the phones storage. My phones only got 4GB of storage and I have a 32GB sd card. I cant install apps on my phone because its full now. Ive tried moving the apk...
  16. S

    Help Wireless charger?

    Does the ZTE Warp 4 N9510 have wireless charging compatibility? it has a coil on the back cover, but i dont know if thats nfc or wireless charging, i know the phone has nfc, but you tell me.
  17. R

    Help re: have ZTE 4G driver problem in my new/used laptop

    This is a HP Presario C700 laptop, Os Win7 Home 32bit. I just got this laptop from a pawn shop not to long ago. I am trying to move some pictures from the cell phone (a ZTE 4G N9510) to my laptop. Now I have done this chore many times in the past for varus laptops. and tower computers that I...
  18. 5fdprox

    Root 4g question....

    Hey all! Just got this phone a couple days ago..Rooted and on Bliss-pop already..But I was wondering,evr since leaving stock I dont see a 4g emblem on my status bar..I see 3g,and sometimes an LTE symbol...Im guessing the LTE symbol means 4g? But if so why only at certain times? Thanks for any...
  19. terrancep2

    Root MIUI Port?

    I just had the thought about MIUI and was wondering has anyone considered a MIUI Rom for this device.
  20. I


    I like this phone but the 1gb is sooo painful anyway to increase the size?
  21. R

    Root SuperR, this one is for you.

    I am posting this in hopes to get SuperR's help. I have seen what you can do and I think that you may be able to help me. Lets begin... Last week, after a very long time of not updating my to 4.4.2, I decided to update. I was at stock B07 when I made the jump. Immediately upon reboot, my home...
  22. phenomx4

    Root [ROM][RC][5.1.1][O3] Liquid Smooth 8/28/2015

    This is a beta release of Liquid Smooth for the Zte Warp 4G so please don't expect this to be 100% stable. Before flashing this rom I recommend you make a backup just in case. Please report and bugs you encounter, preferably with a logcat. About (Taken from liquid smooth website)...
  23. phenomx4

    Root [ROM][RC][5.1.1] Pac-Man Rom 8/30/2015

    This is a beta release of PAC-ROM for the Zte Warp 4G so please don't expect this to be 100% stable. Before flashing this rom I recommend you make a backup just in case. Please report and bugs you encounter, preferably with a logcat. About: (taken from the PAC-ROM website.)...
  24. D

    Root HELP Rooting LTE WARP 442

    I have an unrooted ZTE WARP 442 and I downloaded a ROM file titled warplte B07 root.zip about 300 mb in size. When I enter recovery mode and try to apply an update from an SD card i get this code. -- Install /sdcard ... Finding update package... Opening update package... Verifying update...
  25. phenomx4

    Root [Recovery] CWM

    Taken from: Xda ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) is a replacement recovery option for Android devices, made by Koushik "Koush" Dutta. Features include Nandroid backup, adb shell, advanced update.zip options (ignore asserts and signature checks), and file browser for choosing update.zips While this...