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Root [ROM] Cyanogenmod For Droid V5.0.7 (05/24/2010)


---- 5.0.7
* Common: Resync with Google as of 05/20/2010
* Common: New ARM optimizations in Bionic from Jim Huang @ 0xlab
* Common: Superuser 2.1 from ChainsDD
* Common: DeskClock style tweaks from Nathan Zachary
* Common: Email signature support from Jarrett Vance
* Common: Pin-lock and alternate lockscreen framework from _avatar
* Common: Updated Japanese locales from Takuo Kitame
* Common: Added Compcache and rzscontrol to the build
* Common: APN list updated by Paul Weiss, blunden, and PsychoI3oy.
* Common: Downloader allows any file to download - thanks Eddie Ringle
* Common: Kernel updated to
* Common: Fix bug with where wrong organization is shown in-call (Boyd Bischke)
* Common: Several kernel patches from Christopher Lais (Zinx) to improve stability and support MT3G Fender/1.2
* Common: Low memory killer was pimped out by San Mehat @ Google. Big interactivity boost especially on D/S
* Common: Updated Phone patches from Cytown (v29)
* Common: Dim the deskclock screensaver colors
* Common: Fixed race conditions and notification bugs in MMS
* Common: Added quick uninstall "Delete Zone" to Launcher and Launcher2 (Ander Webbs)
* Common: Allow widgets in the Launcher default workspace (ported from Launcher2 by Lox)
* Common: Fix race conditions and bugs in MMS app
* Common: Compact drawer can be toggled for Launcher as well as Launcher2 now
* Common: Added squisher script for release builds
* Common: Another lowmemorykiller tweak from Zinx to take cache into account
* Common: Turned off battery percentage display by default
* Common: Added "omni-tether" from Wertarbyte for BT tether
* Common: System built using Zinx's resource-sorter patch for aapt- may provide perf boost
* Common: Patch from Zinx to have background processes holding wakelocks set to a higher OOM kill adjustment (push notify, mms are good examples)
* Common: Number of recent apps is configurable - Bcrook, Pershoot & Wysie
* Common: Ability to disable icons and paths on the lockscreen - Wysie
* Common: Add pand and hidd to the build
* Common: Fix OpenVPN- manifest was using the wrong mtpd
* Common: DeskClock: Add alarm timeout setting (Michael Webster)
* Common: OpenVPN: Select between TAP and TUN interface (Takuo Kitame)
* Common: Various UI element colors are selectable via Spare Parts (Wysie)
* Common: NEON-optimized libjpeg (CodeAurora/Qualcomm)
* Droid: Fix for 50% signal loss reporting bug on Motorola Droid (Boyd Bischke)
* Droid: Disable V8. It was breaking Epocrates and other applications
* Droid: Tweak the haptic feedback to better match stock (Adrynalyne)
* Droid: Enable Dialpad for OTA Activation (nuclear305)
* D/S: Full support for Dream and Sapphire devices (eclair-ds branch)
* D/S: Updated wallpapers and Launcher for MDPI
* D/S: Build various OMX components from source (via CodeAurora)
* D/S: libcamera originally reverse engineered by NCommander
* D/S: Various driver issues causing battery drain were fixed by Zinx
* D/S: disable menu in lockscreen, fix incall mute, speed up the boot
* D/S: raise min cpufreq to 245MHz (Wes Garner)
* D/S: add Prash's bootanimation
* D/S: Using HTC "Turbo Mode" clock settings
* D/S: Fix issues with notification LED on D/S
* D/S: Don't use msmsdcc_sdioirq, this leaves IRQs on all the time which can cause battery drain
* D/S: Fix RIL settings to improve performance
* D/S: Kill logspam from OMX
* D/S: Fixed 3MP camera preview and memory leaks
* D/S: Ship old Gallery app as Gallery3D has too many issues right now
* D/S: Fixed slidelock layout
* D/S: Fixed issue with picking contact for map directions
* D/S: Change oom-killer behavior to be more "swap friendly" if you want to go against everyones advice and use swap anyway
* D/S: Launcher tray images fixed by Prash
* D/S: CPU clock tweaks from Pershoot
* N1: CPU clock and memory tweaks from Pershoot (pershoot's Profile - GitHub)
* N1: Trackball notification color blending option (from Ehud Shabtai eshabtai's Profile - GitHub)
* Droid: Fix for 50% signal loss reporting bug on Motorola Droid (Boyd Bischke) sounds interesting. Otherwise, probably won't switch from SS3.2 unless people rave.
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I was running into some issues with so that's the only reason I decided to try 5.0.7. So, after a long download over 3G, I upgraded (without wiping the cache).

I agree with the poster above that it seems much faster than I'm running comfortably at 600 MHZ and don't have an overclocking kernel loaded right now.

In, when I streamed pandora or last.fm, the connection would drop after a certain amount of time. Then, the phone would immediately reset. At work, I'm on the fringe of 3G and 1X service, so that probably didn't help.

In any case, things seem to be working much more nicely in 5.0.7. I've been streaming all morning without incident whereas in the prior version, I was reseting after 15-20 minutes. Now, the connection drops are just drops in connectivity and not linked to a reset.

Overall I'm very pleased with the 2 hours I've been using 5.0.7

It could also because they disabled V8
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Heres the Launcher Pro. Its an app in the market, Fab just themed it. Looks much better to me. Has the zoom out feature from HTC Sense.

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Launcher Pro looks like Helix Launcher.

What's the difference? Also, I can't figure out how to get Helix Launcher to show up. Just default.

Long story short, its similar. In my opinion its way way smoother. You can't customize the four icons yet, but I use all of them. Plus the zoom out feature, I like that as well.

As far as getting Helix to show up, are you using what's preinstalled or did you install Helix?

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