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Root [rom]evervolv scio (kingdom) jellybean preview 1 - aosp

thank you cookie u deserve a cookie. i wouldnt have seen the post on 2fastroms if it wasnt for ur informative post here. greatly appreciate all the work u and team invictus have contributed

Thank you, I think 2fast is the one that deserves the cookie though....without the vendor and device overlay not to mention the correct blobs this would still be where it was two months ago, spinning it wheels....

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I have to use bluetooth at my job too. We can use a phone but cannot take it out of the booth. So I have to leave my phone inside and use a bluetooth to talk. Can't use it on a daily but it'll definitely be welcome.

On the note of what's going on. Usually the dev folks get together and push out a few good roms and then things start falling apart. In this phone's case it seems that things have started falling apart way too early! Oh well. I'm glad I still have my Evo 4g. Hope things come together...
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Bluetooth will be fixed but not at this time, cm10 is uploading though as I type this. As for pulling together as I said I could care less about evervolv. It wasn't my project but cookies where I was only helping with it. Work will continue on cm10 and aosp but as for evervolv I am not sure where that is going to end up.
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