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Root [ROM Info] Light ELF 2.6.0 Android Final ICS 4.0.4 ELF II Only by tragidy (11/2/2013)


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Jun 28, 2012
What is Light ELF?
below download/other links taken out by me the source at bottom is where you'll find them

[ROM][OFFICIAL][STABLE][ Light ELF 2.6.0 Android ICS 4.0.4 ]
The Ainol Light ELF 2 ROM for the Novo 7 ELF 2 / ELF II Google Android Tablet​



Version 4.0.4 FINAL January 18th, 2013​

I take no liablity or responsibility for ANYTHING

From now on we will offer one location for the rom, dorkfiles.com will be the exclusive download location
If you have downloaded the ROM elsewhere I cannot offer support or guarantee the cleanliness of the ROM as it can be tampered with.


pwd 2 the rom iz androidtablets.net
Updated Feb 11th 2013 Optional Google Apps Package

Optional 3G & Ethernet Patch * Download link coming back soon! *

Depreciated VOLD SD to MicroSD Patch: Android LightELF SDcard to MicroSD Patch

This rom aims at one goal, that goal is stability, with stability comes reliability, less need to update and minimal non-system breaking bugs if present.
What I have done is slim lined the rom using various methods and sources to make a reliable system for the ELF 2 tablet I hope that you can enjoy this rom as many others have.

Ainol ELF II : Light ELF 2.6.0 ICS Final Edition

Posted on January 18, 2013
Greetings fellow ELF-II users, many of you are currently using my Light ELF 3.0 Jelly Bean ROM which is considered a beta still, and there are those of you who wanted a final release here it is, it worked on 5/5 of our test tablets so without further wait time here is Light ELF 2.6.0 the last Ice Cream Sandwich rom that will be created by the lightelf rom development team for the ainol elf 2 tablet.​


As always you can get full support, talk, chit chat and more at our official development sponsor androidtablets.net who have been working actively on behalf of the light elf team to keep roms flowing, and a huge thanks to dorkfiles.com who has dedicated the domain, server and various vps clients to further the development of android roms for these devices and a big shout out to all of the donators who have helped along the way!

This version is the last edition from the 4.0.4 tree, and is considered to be very stable, if there are any bugs or issues present please do let us know so we can close the book on the projects development.


2.6.0 FINAL
The most stable ROM for the ainol elf tablet.

Changes* New BusyBox time for the future!
* Android 4.0.4e latest updates and patches from Google.
* APEX Launcher returns its simply better....
* SD to MicroSD patch works!
* File Manager Updates
* New ZIP Alignment
* Auto battery fix on flash ( runs a bash script )
* QuickPic
* Task Manager
* Lower voltage attempts
* New Boot Animation
* YouTube 720p HD Edition BLACK
* Market Enabler
* Better Faster Networking

How to install
Method 1: Built in 3e Recovery

  1. Download the latest version of the rom
  2. Copy the ROM zipfile to your MicroSD Card or Extract Contents to MicroSD
  3. Power off the Elf II and remove any usb or chargers
  4. Press and hold Power button & the Volume down button at the same time. Hold for approx 6-10 sec then release.
  5. In the Ainol ELF 2 3e recovery you can move with the Volume down button, you can select with Power or Volume up
  6. Select apply update from sdcard
  7. Select light-elf-rom-file.zip
  8. Wait for the update to alert you that install has finished
  9. (Optional) Wipe/Data**
    [*](Optional) Install ROM once again**
  10. Reboot the system
  11. Enjoy the ROM!

** Some say a double flash helps with issues, so I included it in the notes, I claim urban legend to this however if it makes you feel better go ahead.

and Dorkfiles
Cheers dudes :car:

Changes* New BusyBox time for the future!
* Android 4.0.4e latest updates and patches from Google.
* APEX Launcher returns its simply better....
* SD to MicroSD patch works!
* File Manager Updates
* New ZIP Alignment
* Auto battery fix on flash ( runs a bash script )
* QuickPic
* Task Manager
* Lower voltage attempts
* New Boot Animation
* YouTube 720p HD Edition BLACK
* Market Enabler
* Better Faster Networking

Error booting, move along to next branch

Public Milestone Release 2.5 STABLE

  • Removed old fullscreen patch
  • Built in full screen mode
  • ROM is now totally modular!
  • NOT ROOTED BY DEFAULT ( Download root patch! )
  • Antutu 8230* at 1.2ghz
  • The signal bar has been hidden no more signal!
  • Adobe Flash 11.87.10 Hardware version ( thanks dorkfiles )
  • CPU mode has only two settings now, 1.2ghz performance and 800mhz engergy saving
  • No sleep of death and no random reboot from CPU mode swapping
  • Energy saving mode is suitable for everyday usage and saves battery
  • Battery Status is fixed and working, if you have issues run the bash commands
  • Market is complete / Play Store latest with thumbnails and region free
  • Market Enabler Updated
  • Screen Responsivess up by 30% try it!
  • Netflix Black Edition 1.8 has been confirmed working on this rom
  • Hulu works on this rom with lucky patcher
  • All known retro console emulators run at high performance
  • Signed and verified as a Samsung Galaxy 3 I9300
  • Android version 4.0.5 with all SVN updates, still known as 4.0.4 at this time.
  • Quickpic removed
  • K9 Mail Removed

Developer Edition 2.4
Notes not available project took 1080.

Public Stable Version 2.3
Patch was published using built in updater to address issues in 2.2
Fixed TTS and Force Close issue on quickpic

Public Test Release Version 2.2
DOWNLOAD HERE --> Light ELF Ainol ELF 2 Android ROM - Dork Files
Grab MicroSD to Internal Patch ---> Android LightELF SDcard to MicroSD Patch

  • Updated Upstream sources from Google
  • Apex Updated and aligned for faster access time
  • Cherry picked more Jelly Bean commits and back ported to ICS 4.0.4
  • QuickPic Updated
  • YouTube HD working perfect
  • ES File Manager Updated
  • Market Enabler Updated
  • Flash updated to 11 and works reliable as of this post
  • Spoof Version to Jelly Bean 4.1.2
  • Removed Android Exchange and Mail
  • Implemented K9 Mail a better solution
  • Updated Hosts file for ad blocking
  • Google Market/Play updated
  • Hardware Accelerated MX Player introduced
  • Netflix Black Edition works with this version.
  • Updated GPU Drivers
  • Updated Kernel removed over 1725KB of junk....
  • ROM performance is passing all of Christian Troys CM9 CM10 and so on by a mile..
  • This version handles games very well and is benchmarking 8041 to 8301 on my ELF 2

Private Test Release 2.01

  • 8147* Antutu out of box rating
  • You can upgrade to this rom in most cases.
  • NEW Automatic Updater Included!
  • Davlik Optimized for performance
  • APEX Launcher Updated
  • New Configuration and Market
  • YouTube Preinstall Removed, Market now works.
  • Status hidebar removed.
  • SuperUser is Now SuperSU
  • Face Unlock Updated
  • Gallery application Returns
  • Flash Acceleration AMLogic Better Version
  • Want to use MicroSD card like in DarkElf? No problem there is a patch up for it..

First version 2 Public Release 2.0

  • 8132* Antutu out of box rating
  • Based on 0717 kernel compile
  • You can upgrade to this rom from stock firmware or darkelf
  • Deodexed
  • Zip Aligned
  • Wireless power adjustment for faster Wi-Fi
  • Market Region Enabler Included
  • Ad Away Open Source Ad Blocking
  • Blocked standard ads with hostfile modification
  • Viable 0-100% Battery percentage display
  • APEX Launcher for reliability
  • Fully Root
  • Google Apps Included (Market & More)
  • Modified Version of YouTube Included
  • Status hidebar Settings->Display->Hide status bar
  • ES file explorer implemented
  • Play Store compatibility fix
  • Setup Wizard created.
  • Face Unlock added
  • QuickPic instead of Gallery application
  • Flash Acceleration AMLogic
  • Netflix working as of this post!
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