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ROM/Kernel tweaks


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Jul 6, 2011
Columbia, MO.
I'm probably straying too far from my knowledge base, and I doubt this can be explained to me over the phone in a minute.
So feel free to tell me to just leave it alone. But maybe I can be directed somewhere where I can study up on a few things.
These things are (in kernel tweaks as I'm running the Cerux kernel again because my call quality went back down again as soon as I went back to the "stock" cm10.1 for testing purposes):
I/O scheduler
Voltage (under/over?)
Mp decision
Color depth (currently on 24bit; could be 16, 24, or 32)

Like I said, I understand if these settings should just be left alone as they are probably more dependant on user demand than just some standard because I chose to over or underclock the CPU.
Let's say I just want to get the highest Antutu or Quadrant score possible out of this thing (and I know there's many more tests people do like Vellamo and a dozen others that may actually be more revelant to what I'm trying to accomplish here).
I may not be making a whole lot of sense at this point and I may be too... noob... to understand the (short) answer, so just tell me that.

Thank you very much.
I really don't understand all the settings myself. The governor you should have no problem experimenting with. It controls how your cpu reacts to demands made on it. Here is a post explaining some of the governors.

Lowering the voltage can allow you to set the cpu higher without the phone bootlooping. Be very careful changing the voltage. I've seen a few people brick their phone because they got in a bootloop they couldn't get out of because they set the voltage too low.

And here is a post at XDA that explains the scheduler settings.
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