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Root [ROM] [LOTK] [2.3.7] Jellybread [Working on an update!]


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
  • May 13, 2010
    Los Angeles
    so i know some have mention jellybread before, but i thought you guys might not know about it. so this is not mine....but it looks super sweet:

    original thread:

    kendallc123 said:
    Hey guys, I've been a long time lurker around the Evo forums and finally decided to get into this development stuff! I am in love with the Jellybean look, but really need the stability of Gingerbread. So I started learning the basics of developing and this came out of it. I basically took the look of Jellybean and some scripts and tweaks and added that to Gingerbread. Of course I had some help along the way. A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped! Y'all are amazing. Hope y'all like it! Thanks <3

    Gapps included
    Jellybean font
    Jellybean wallpapers
    Nexus 4 UI sounds, ringtones, and notification sounds
    Mason-G-rc4 SBC kernel
    Enhanced COD Tweaks
    ICS/JB Theme by Sonnysekhon included (Inside Theme Chooser App)
    A2SD baked in (See below to disable)
    Sony Xloud Audio Engine, Beats Audio, and DSP Manager
    Bravia Engine
    Vipermod included
    3G, 4G, & Wifi Speed Hack
    Battery saving tweaks
    November 10 - v1.2
    Went back to v1.0 as a base
    Fixed apps not being compatible in the Play Store
    Removed Voicemail (You can download it here or use Google Voice from the play store) You will still get 9016 texts if you use Visual Voicemail.
    Added Bravia Engine for clearer images
    November 8 - v1.1 (Not recommended for use. Play Store is messed up)

    A partitioned SD card is recommended! If you really don't want to partition your SD card flash this AFTER you flash the ROM (Thanks Team DIRT)
    1. Reboot into SmelkusMod recovery (You can get the Jellybread themed recovery below!)
    3. Wipe everything three times
    4. Partition your SD card to 1024, 0 swap (This will wipe EVERYTHING from your SD card, so backup the files you want to keep to your PC!)
    5. Upgrade ext2 to ext3
    6. Upgrade ext3 to ext4
    7. Place ROM onto your SD card
    8. Flash ROM
    9. Reboot and let sit for 15 minutes

    What Doesn't Work:
    Automatic response in Superuser
    Some people are having trouble with MMS (Network/Carrier Issue?)
    SmelkusMod Revovery:
    Check it out! Smelkus was kind enough to make a Jellybread themed recovery! It looks so good! You can get it here! Rename to PC36IMG.zip, place on root of sd card, reboot bootloader, push the up volume button when prompted to select "yes". This recovery is the BEST recovery for the Evo! It is based off of Amon-RA and includes a ton of features. Superwipe options, automatic reboots after nandroids, anything you could need! Thank you Smelkus
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