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Root Rooted need some help


May 16, 2010
hey guys first post on the forums just joined

i rooted threw on BB V.1 with smoked glass and i love it but i feel like theres more i can do.... am i missing something in settings or something?

anyone know any good wallpapers, or themes to change the icons or anything that i can make this thing look slick.

also ive seen people in vids online with a cool looking font are there data packs for that? im new to all of this ive had my droid for a month and its been rooted for 3 days.

if anyone can give me some ideas that would be great

thanks in advance
ok so i spent a day playing with rom manager and after some trial and error i decided to try out cyanogen mod, I just put it on and got some of the cool addons made for it (font, load screen, theme) im thinking of using the darkstar theme

thanks for all the advice and help guys now mine is looking like a real droid :)
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Give this a shot ;) Might be the "wow" you are looking for and if not...well, at least you'll have what I consider the best home screen replacement.


just installed this so far so good im liking it

I agree with LoBatt. NexBeast is uber fast! I have been playing with it for a day... this is my second day. Also, you can get a lot of help and suggestions from him and other people using the ROM in the following post:


grrr i just settled into cyan but ill try this out :) whats one more flashed rom lol
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