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Root rooting for dumber dummies?


Feb 10, 2012
evening all. short time reader, first time poster. So I've got myself into a dilly of a pickle with my evo 4g. As it sits right now, all I'm trying to do is root. Although I'd also like to run cyanogen. Or something similar. I'm really not smart enough to know what's best. This all stemmed from sheer boredom, and now, it's turned into sheer unadulterated bloodlust. I refuse to believe that I can no longer comprehend new technology. However, I need some help. Does anyone have some time to help me run through and figure out where I went wrong? Here's what I know so far.
running on 2.3.5

just did a factory restore, no apps, no contacts, jack squattery.

unrevoked is asking me if my firmware is too new. I have repeatedly told
yelled at the unrevoked prompt that my firmware is not too new, although I appreciate the compliment. This has not yielded any benefits.

I had sync installed on the pc, but it was just removed.

I may have some gingerbread junk laying around on the sd card. is this bad?

I can provide more information, you'll just have to tell me what I need.

One million internets to anyone who can help!
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I did try doing a gingerbread root a week ago. recovery failed from boot. stupid red triangle with an exclamation point thing. so I thought, forget it, I'm done messing with it. But now my phone just stares at me with a smug look all the time. that "haha you can't beat me" look. I will run through that again to see if I can find what I missed. Thanks for the warm welcome!

I've tried to do this 5 different times now, and each time I've had to do something different. For instance, this is the first time going to htcdev. How can there be so many ways to do the same thing? my head hurts lol
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Go into settings and uncheck fastboot, I think its in power management. Turn off your phone, hold the volume key and press the power button. You will see a white screen with an android on a skateboard. This is the hboot menu, type out or post a pic of exactly what you see there. If you've already been through the 2.3.5 root procedure you may be rooted and not know it.
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locked (00W)
supersonic evt2 3 ship s-on
dec 21 2011 12:58:32


vol up blah blah
vol down blah
power blah

clear storage
hboot usb

ok so you will need to follow the http://androidforums.com/evo-4g-all-things-root/488901-rooting-gingerbread-2-3-5-dummies-guide.html. you must have accepted the ota. unfortunately the rooting process is a little more complicated.

you will need to get your bootloader unlocked by HTCdev and install a custom recovery. from there you can stop and flash a rom of your choice (you are sort of rooted at that point), but you will have your bootloader watermarked and that voids your warranty.

you can proceed further to get the watermark off and fully root your phone, but that is also a much more complicated process as well.
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ocn, your avatar was exactly what I needed to see lol. I'm working through it right now, this is going much more smoothly than previous attempts. I just got the recovery image into the android folder on my computer, and am installing it to the phone.

cool beans. keep us posted and let us know if you run into problems or have questions.
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hboot is still at 2.18. I missed that step. So tired....ok....I got this...here we go.

this rooting process is important that you do not miss a step. so take your time and do not rush. also if you are tired i would get some slepp and try this out tomorrow that way you are less likely to make mistakes. like i said this is more complicated so be careful.
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Am I putting the SU file into the android file I created and then running recovery from hboot? Either I'm missing the steps there or they just aren't very clear. "just flash from recovery" doesn't mean much to me lol
do you have recovery now? if so then you can go into recovery and select flash zip from sd card and select the su file.
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got recovery. got the SU zip.

ok so in recovery the main menu should be flash zip from sd card. select that and then select the su file.

you can also flash a rom if you want at this point. all custom roms will have the su app cooked in. i would try mikg3.0 it is a sense 2.1 and sense 3.0 rom that is super fast and way better then the stock rom.
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my hboot still says 2.18? how do i change that? thanks for all your help ocn...you've been awesome

ok so if you have unlocked your bootloader and have a recovery, at this point you can do pretty much everything that a rooted phone can do. however, if you want to remove the watermark then you need to follow the captain's guide to change your hboot to 2.10. but you have to follow it to the t, no skipping or missing steps. once your hboot has been changed then you will need to use unrevoked to get you s-off.

so the choice is yours.
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