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Help s4 keeps rebooting

It's the Knox apps that causes the reboots. Two things to do about it and you need to be rooted for either.
1) download Xposed Installer and install Samsung Kitkat SystemServer Crash Fix module. This will stop the crash when it happens and it won't reboot.
2) Use Titanium Backup or similar app and uninstall the seven Knox apk and the com.sec.enterprise.knox.......
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No Root phone

Wiped cache: No Joy
Verizon said to go to BestBuy Samsung Experience have them reflash: No Joy
Odin 3 back to VRUFNC5 No Wipe: OS crashed
Odin 3 back to VRUFNC5 - Wipe: All good
Install VRUFNC6 over the air: All good (except for the normal update pains)

I did not try a factory reset since some reported that did not work. The reboots are gone and the normal update problems are being dealt with. I used Helium (carbon) backup /restore which worked well except setting up my POP3 accounts. All back to working.
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