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Aug 17, 2010
Cotswolds, England
Here in the U.K. we have been inundated with TV advertisements for the new Samsung phone for the past month. It seems that almost every ad break on every channel has a range of ad's for Samsung.

However, they have all been for the Samsung Flip5. I have yet to see one for the Fold5 either on TV or the newspapers.

This also happened last year with the launch of the Fold4 and Flip4 although I did see 3 ad slots over the period of a fortnight, for the Fold4.

It seems clear to me that Samsung are heavily promoting the Flip phone probably because it is cheaper and likely to appeal to the masses but I am starting to think that with the lack of promotion of the Fold phone, that I own Samsung's secret love child that must not be mentioned in polite society.

Is it the same in other countries that the Fold is sold in?

Here is a sample of the Samsung ad's that are going out in the U.K...

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there are a few billboards across LA that i have seen an equal amount of flip and fold phones. across from Crypto.com Arena (used to be the Staples Center) there is a building with a giant digital screen that flashes different advertising. there is a single advertisement from samsung that is pushing both phones.
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