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Help Screen brightness changes as though auto-brightness is on

If you long press the Notifications area at the top of the display and drag left and right it lets you increase/decrease brightness if auto-brightness is off.
Indeed, that is a handy feature and good to know about, but I don't think that's the problem. The brightness fluctuates even when I'm reading eBooks and aren't even touching the screen.
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i m experiencing a similar problem with my galaxy note. i keep the brightness at the lowest with automatic option turned off. however "sometimes" after i make a phone call, the brightness turns back to medium.
even i thought it cud be because of accidentally hitting the notification bar from where one can toggle the brightness, but every time the brightness goes back to the same medium level, so i believe its not because of the notification bar otherwise it wud be inconsitent.
what i personally feel it could be a software bug and should be fixed with the next software update. lets see
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After a factory reset, I started having the same problem with my SGS2 display randomly dimming to the lowest setting despite trying the previously mentioned measures.

Think the problem for me is an app called Easy Battery Saver- it overrides any main display settings you have on your unit. Certain modes (Super Power Saving Mode,and Advanced Customized Mode) in Easy Battery Saver have a Battery Saving Brightness setting. The standard screen control setting is 0%- the lowest display brightness. After changing this to 15% (or whatever display brightness you prefer) I seem to have stopped having the problem with my display randomly dimming to the lowest brightness.
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The culprit is indeed the Power Saving Mode settings. Even with this feature turned off, my phone would randomly drop brightness to 10%.
The solution: In Settings > Power Saving Mode - activate "Use power saving mode" and "Custom power saving settings" will become available - click on it - scroll down to "Brightness (subtext '__% brightness')" - click on it. Choose the default brightness you'd like - this is now the brightness level your phone will revert to when Power Saving Mode is activated.
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