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Help Screen & Reboot Issue

Hello people!
First time caller, long time listener.

I have my xperia play for nearly a year and bar everynow and then doing something silly it works brilliant and i love it. Recently the screen stopped working. I thought i may have gotten a virus. I tried everything. Eventually i went to some random site and installed a new version of the software. it didnt solve the problem. New firmware and still a screen not working.
then by pure fluke i just turned in on after lunch and it worked.

Phone was working perfect for a few weeks and now the same crack. phone was fine, battery died, and on reboot the screen has stopped working. i cant do a factory reset cause the screen dont work and anytime i connect it to a power source or usb cable it reboots the phone but still no working screen.

i dont believe its a physical thing....i believe its software related.
anyone got hints or tips? my problem now is i cant do a factory reset and i cant use pc companion because the pc companion wont detect it cause its in media mode or something.

any ideas???
im willing to start at the start again and take baby steps.

so thats a rebooting phone when you plug something into its usb and a screen that doesnt work. even though when it boots first your very first touch of the screen moves the unlock button slightly.
Hi. I have the same problem with my Xperia Play. My Battery went dead and after turning the phone on touch wont work. I dont think that its software related problem.I had CM7 when it happened . I locked my bootloader and updated via Sony PC Companion to the original one.
The screen didnt work either and the phone was restarting after connecting it with a cable. Try removing battery for 1 minute and put it back again and turn it on. If it wint work - do the same thing again.
It worked for me and now i can plug usb cable in and use my phone.
BUT - if I turn the phone off and on again the touch wont work.
Try it - maybe it will help and if it does try not to turn the phone off.
Thats all i can help you with - i'm also looking for answers but didn't find any...
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