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Screen Twitching Problems on S3


Android Expert
Jan 11, 2012
CaliFornia, Azusa
Hello everyone,
I am a Samsung Galaxy prevail user here and im pretty extended on diagnosing problems with my phone.
but this is the S3, its not mine and i need your help.
heres what i know and the little information i can get.
Carrier: AT&T
Phone: Samsung galaxy S3 (world phone i think)
OS Ver: ??
it is: 4 months old.
root: NO
: NO
custom anything: NO
stock: YES
updated: I believe not, i did check for an update through the AT&T updating service in "settings>about phone>update" and no new update.
the Problem:
my girl is not very techy, i dont know much about trouble shooting this phone and this is the information i got.
"the phone flickers/twitches as i scroll through the apps screen, or scroll through the main menus"
ive asked the basic questions.
what apps were downloaded
what apps were uninstalled recently.
when did it first start.
have you been closing your apps
i have also done the following:
force closed all downloaded apps.
restarted phone.
cleared cache.
deleted most downloaded apps.
scanned for viruses using avast or something
( it was the first one and it was a recognizable logo)

what the phone gets used for?
playing games. going on facebook.
browsing websites. using GPS. used for phone calls. and messaging ( which sould be standard as it IS still a phone)

I have none as of yet. im hoping you guys have something before i resort to


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