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Root screenshot

yes theres many image hosting sites like fuzzy wuzzy said upload it get direct link then when ur typing a message on here you wll see a lil yellow icon with a picture of a mountain i believe click that and paste the link into the box. or u can do it manually by typing the bracket codes

 [ img ] insert link here  [/ img ]

make sure theres no space between the [ and the img
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he responded to u on the other thread saying this

Ummm. I mean I'm not sure exactly what your doing to your phone but if you uninstall a launcher you must make sure you have another launcher installed our the phone won't boot up. Simply uninstalling a launcher won't cause a phone not to boot up so I'm not sure what your doing to your phone.

The theme works over any room with no issues so you need to check and make sure what ever you are doing is correct cause your boot loop is caused by something you are doing, not the theme. Make sure the launcher is installed before deleting launcher pro.

if you have go launcher installed uninstall it
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i guess is me i been flasing roms for the longest any way nice job fuzzy

Yeah i mean if you want to uninstall launcher pro just make sure you have something else installed or you will be stuck. You'll have to re flash your ROM or install a launcher through commander cause your phone won't boot.
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