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Help Sensation. Perhaps 1GB RAM!

GPP[c];166546 said:
Greetings from Russia! We have opened the Samsung I7500. We looked at the marking of the chip. Here it is: KMXME0D0CM-B601 turns out that there is 1GB RAM! What do you think about this? This decoding chip See here. Maybe RAM is disabled to save energy? In any case, very interesting! I apologize for bad English. Thanks.

Impressive :eek:
Thanks for the news ;)
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as my understanding,
9. DRAM I/F & Density & Vcc& Org.
1G (Bits) = 128MBytes.:eek:

The RAM size spec. was in "Bits" in most case. and NAND size was "Bytes"

Absolutely right, but then he sent this graphic with detailed data

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Yeah its in 'bits'. Remember the more ram you have the more address lines you need to reference it. That has an affect on caching and other internal structures of the CPU.

128 = 7 bits
256 = 8 bits
512 = 9 bits

Thats why usually you wont see more than 256mb on any bus. Phones with more than 256mb have some internal RAM too (internal to the CPU) on a seperate bus. Thats where these common numbers come from:

128 + 32internal = 160mb
128 + 64internal = 192mb
256 + 32internal = 288mb
256 + 64internal = 320mb

Its unlikely you'll see more than 320mb ram in the short term unless a processor comes out with a second memory bus or more internal RAM. Its unlikely they would increase the bus width just for memory :)
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