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Help Sensors not working on S4

I have always been an iPhone user and just recently switched to Galaxy S4, so I'm relatively new to android. After 3 weeks of usage the sensors suddenly stopped working, so accelerometer is not functioning, neither are the light and proximity sensors and these are the most important ones for most of the features to work. I did some basic troubleshooting, checked the settings and even did factory reset a couple of times but no change. This led me to believe that its a hardware issue but I just noticed that accelerometer is working for the camera but not for any other app. So, now I'm not sure if there are some android tricks that I'm missing. Any suggestions?

I have a similar issue only in my case restarting the phone solves the issue.
After restarting the phone everything will work but after several minutes the screen rotation, air gestures, proximity etc. will stop working.
Once again, a simple restart solves it temporarily.
Did anyone encounter this behavior?

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