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Sero 7 Bricked!!!


Jul 12, 2013
PLEASE HELP!!! My tablet has been bricked and i will explain.First of all i rooted my device with CWM and then i read on a blog about being able to change the pixel density and so i download it and i remember when i first launch the app it says warning "Do at your own risk" and so i change the ppi from "216" to about 320 ppi, yeah thats!!!And since i have titanium backup installed it says "the device needs to reboot in order for changes to take effect"and i press allow. So i reboot the device and then wait for it to turn on, and no chance to turning on. So i try pressing the
POWER BUTTON + Both (+) (-) and says "Updating... Please do not press any keys!" and then back on the black screen, i assume its still on because its lit on the black screen, but does not want to function, but don't no why.Its obviously bricked and when i go to recovery mode by
pressing POWER BUTTON + VOLUME (-) and when i was on that screen i wiped the User data and the Cache Partition and wiped the
Dalvik cache, and then Press "Reboot System" and goes to the black screen.

Fastboot does not work, but instead gets stuck on the green words "FASTBOOT",only Recovery mode works.I know for fastboot it is
POWER BUTTON + VOLUME (+) . I'm stuck, i've used nexus 7 ToolKit, even if its for nexus 7 i tried because i'm eager to get the tablet unbrick.It almost worked for me but not well good with that program, Im not even sure if Nexus 7 ToolKit functions with Sero 7 Pro. But maybe you can answer that. I don't know how to download adb, i think it has to do something with the Path system variable, now i've caused another problem. WTF!!! I backspaced the path variable and now its empty, is there any way to bring it back to the original "Path" or replace it for another Path variable.

Anyways,i tried DPI changer and it changes the density back to the current ppi "216". Does not recognize the device.So that does'ent work.And now the only thing i havent tried is inserting the following " >su #mount -o rw,remount /system #chmod 644 /system/build " in ABD,but dont have abd.PLEASE GIVE ME ANY SUGGESTIONS TO WHAT I CAN DO!!! BUT NOT "WHAT I CANT DO".

Also is there any place i can take the tablet to repair in.
I'm thinking if it hasn't got a backup, it might be hosed....warranty void. If it is, don't think there's really much you can do with it. The only people who probably could help maybe be Hisense, the manufacturer. But they might not want to know it, given what's happened.

You read it on a blog about changing the pixel density? Which blog? - got a URL? This is a Chinese tablet, and often what information is available about them can be inaccurate or unproven("Do at your own risk"). That's why I wanted to see what this blog is, maybe stop anyone else killing their tablets.
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Then what can i do. Tell me want i can do to help.Is there a program that i can use to revive.

Don't think going to revive it, not that I can see. This is a $99 tablet sold fairly recently by Walmart I believe. Think best bet would be to RMA it. Just say it doesn't work, it's showing a black screen, and you think it's faulty. and no more than that. All the RMA agent or Walmart will probably do is quickly test it, see it doesn't work, and send or give you a replacement.

They more than likely won't do any diagnostics to see what's actually gone wrong and repair these things, because that takes too much time and is costly. The duffs are probably just shipped back to China for recycling. That's how it usually works with cheap electronics. And I know how it works here, because in the '80s I used to be a tester for a UK company that imported and distributed cheapo telephones, walkmans and radios from Hong Kong. The customer returned problem ones were just packed into a shipping container and went back to Hong Kong.

I bricked a cheapo media player once by trying to flash some alternative ROM, using information from a Chinese forum. It didn't work, so I just returned it and got a replacement....and knew not to do it again.

Seriously if one is interested in doing modding, customizing, hacking, tinkering and things, much better with the well known devices, like a Samsung Galaxy or similar. These are known, there's generally plenty of good information about them from sites like......well Android Forums. :) if you do run into problems, chances are someone will have a fix for you.
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1.Its $149 for the pro version and is editors choice for laptop mag.

Its not the root that 100% bricked it but it was an app. Its got about 67/69 recommend this product.Dont think its a typical chinese tablet. I might get help from hisense and if not
i could do the RMA with walmart.I can play dumb and say "it just turn off,I don't know what happened, but my phone won't turn on anymore" and they will only inspect on what not works, i'm pretty sure they will not do a deep analyse since it will take a long time like you said,but is there anything i can do right now.Please reply,Thank You!!!
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Xboxexpert helped me fix the tablet And i thank him with a $17.He is a really good guy and is the best i meet,he made my day!

Xboxexpert Youtube channel:Symplistic tutorials anyone in the world can follow. - YouTube

forum:xda-developers - View Profile: xboxexpert


If you need help, Subscribe and follow on his threads
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