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Help SGS2 Emulator solutions? HELP!!


May 21, 2011
Hi, noticed a few people (myself included) having probs with emulators on the galaxy S2. If anyone can post a list of compatible emus it'd be a great help! Heres what i have so far:

PS1 / PSX emu - FPSE works great, except the d-pad sucks. download from marketplace then download scph1001 bios and put it on your SD card along with roms (.bin, .iso, .img all seem to work), select bios to activate it and most games should play

SNES emu - SNES9X EX is the only one i could get to work, really straight forward and plays everything so far...

Nintendo DS emu - NDS4DROID works (surprisingly), although it is horrifically slow. button in top left will switch between regular controls and full touchscreen. gta was well laggy, only games like pokemon would be playable so i got it refunded

These are the only ones i have got working, and i have tried a lot!! Please anyone with others working post details on this thread :) I am mainly after a sega genesis / mega drive emulator but none of them seem to work. Also cannot get MGS to work for PSX
GameBOID works fine, as does N64oid (you won't be able to get that unless you'd previously purchased it from the Market though, re-release meant to happen this month). The Phonejoy game controller works great with the emulators, really makes them a lot more fun (can't wait for my MHL adapter, then I will have such a nice portable games console!).
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Just a quick update, i now have most emulators running on my GS2 now :)

'GENplusdroid' has just come out and gives flawless sega emulation across mega drive/genesis and master system games. Initially i was only getting sound but after emailing developer Stephen Damm he had it fixed and updated in a couple of hours!! Big thanks for that, been trying to get mega drive on this phone since launch day! Appears to have <50 downloads and totally underrated but dont let that put you off! 'NESdroid' also gives good emulation from the same developer.

On a different note, i only just managed to get MGS working on FPSe (PSX emu). It seems to be a common problem - game used to load with no sound and then crash at 'new game'. Heres my fix:

- go to settings > system ... disable EVERYTHING.

- settings> audio ... SPU sync must be enabled

This will bring back the sound and allow the game to run. As always the bios needs to be set (see first post). For optimum graphics do the following:

- settings > video ... enable framelimiter, but no frameskip. Now enable 'screen filtering', 'sharp overlay' and 'enhanced 3d rendering'

A recent FPSe update has also fixed the stick settings for the controller - i can finally play resi 2 dual shock!! Few games still crash but this is definitely the best feature on my phone.

Now i just need to get MAME (arcade emu) working, anyone had any luck with that? Also does anybody use DOSbox or the android OS emus? Im curious to know if/how well they work!!
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Hello all, im a newbie at emulators and hardly have a idea abt tweaking the phone, setting the bios etc.. I would to get my hands on some ps1 games, psp or the teenage mutant ninja turtles wich came out on game cassettes. I dnt knw whether it was sega or else..
Can anyone guide how to get some if the games working on my sgs2 without having to root or fiddle with the phone in such a way that it voids the warranty.
Any help would be much appreciated. :)
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Can't help you with PSP, since there's no emulator yet (or ever).

TMNT I...don't know. Lots of TMNT games came out on lots of consoles with cartridges.

FPSE is the PS1 emulator to use. You don't need root. Google "FPSE apk" or buy it on Android for $4-ish. The first post of this thread basically says it. If you download it from google, make sure to enable "Unknown Sources" in Settings -> Applications.
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